Sports are concerned with Winning. Sportsmen concern themselves with Winning. All Sports efforts are thus guided by the desire to Win.

A Way on the other hand is a path for the practitioner to follow to reach his goal. The goal in Sumoudou is not Winning a match, the goal is Improving Yourself in the spirit

of Constant Improvement.

Sumoudou is therefore not preoccupied with Winning a Shoubu. The goal is to Prove Yourself in Shoubu. You Prove Yourself not by Winning a Shoubu but by Fighting Power Sumou only, no matter what the circumstances.

Winning is understood. This means that if you do Good Sumou it is expected that you Win, it's no surprise. If you Win because you have done good Sumou then there is nothing noteworthy or extraordinary in the fact that you won. The Win is understood. If you don't Win despite doing Good Sumou then there is the way for you to Improve. You will be able to see where your weakness is and work on it.