Sumoudou is the Way of Sumou.

It is a tool towards discovering the Meaning of Life.

By forging your Mind and Body you strive to make yourself a better man.

The essence of Sumoudou is that its goal is to build a man into a Mountain. The highest Mountain possible, disregarding whether the surrounding Mountains are tall or short.

The Way looks into your own heart, discovering weaknesses and making you combat those, not focusing on anybody else, but yourself.

Sumou is the embodiment of the Way.

The Way stipulates axioms of Power - that Sumou is a Trial of Power, that you must exert yourself to the maximum no matter what...

The practice of Sumou then tests your Power and Strength as a Man, whether you can live up to the Ideals, or only theoretize about them.

Because Sumou in its embodiment - Keiko is so brutal and hard, it brings you all the way to the bottom of your weaknesses. The Meaning of the Way then is to aim for the highest Ideals no matter what. No ducking aside, exerting the maximum Power no matter what and where...

This is why Sumoudou to me|ShiroiKuma is unique in being a Way towards finding a Meaning of Life.

There's a big difference between knowing the Way and actually walking the Way.

Sumou is the Way and Shoubu is the ultimate test, whether you're walking or only talking about it...

That is why Sumou is more than a Sport and this other side of Sumou not concerned with Sport is the most valuable...

That is Sumoudou.